Nepal Unites London for Constitution, Peace and Country

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Nepal Unites; a social movement that began on Facebook where frustrated Nepali youths united to speak up, stand up against the current government demanding a timely constitution and co-operation from the Government had its first official protest today outside the Embassy of Nepal in London. The program which was slated to begin at 12PM midday had an army of more than 100 protestors chanting, singing and simply; raising their voices.

Lex Limbu, one of the initiators of this protest started the program with his very short speech by thanking the crowd for their time and emphasizing on the fact that this was indeed a citizen’s movement and not a political movement. Furthermore, this was reiterated by Miss UK Nepal 2010 Nabina Gurung who spoke regarding what demands should be addressed by the upcoming constitution. Gurung, further added that the constitution should address the immense diversity of the country and was heavily applauded for her speech. Several other key figures in the Nepali society in Britain voiced their opinions regarding youth, politics and Nepal. The speech program was ultimately drawn to an end by Pradeep Singh (organiser) who read out the key points from the letter to speaker of CA before submitting it to the Ambassador of Nepal for UK.

Amidst the mass, several enthusiasts recited poetry and sang songs which definitely did unite the Nepalis there. The official protest program came to an end at 2.15PM when Pradeep Kumar Singh, Lex Limbu, and Nabina Gurung accompanied with two photographers made their way to the embassy to hand over the letter to Speaker of CA via Dr Suresh Chandra Chalise, current ambassador of Nepal for UK. The three youths spoke roughly for 20 minutes with the ambassador regarding the theme of the protest program and the submitted letter. Dr Chalise acknowledged that this was a great initiative overseas and promised to convey the demands in the letter to the Speaker of CA in Nepal. He was also submitted with the petition signed by hundreds of participants for government of Nepal demanding to draft constitution on time and move ahead for peace and political stability in the country.
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