Nepal Unites - परिवर्तनको लागि हामी नेपाली एक

We are an informal group of civilian-activists that believe in democracy and citizen supremacy. We came together to raise the common Nepali citizen’s voice against the indifference shown by the political establishment. We demand accountability, particularly of our senior politicians who have time and again proven their incompetence and dishonesty. At the same time, we seek to mobilize and motivate every Nepali to speak up and contribute to building a prosperous and responsible Nepal.


  1. An accountable leadership: A Nepal where our leaders are accountable to their representatives, where our tax money is put to productive use, where people are well-informed, where the rights of all are respected and all voices heard.

  2. A responsible citizen: A Nepal where all of us, citizens, are responsible. Each one of us needs to take responsibility for our actions in a democracy. We also need to speak up and demand accountability in the country’s affairs.

  3. A prosperous Nepal: A Nepal where every citizen gets an opportunity to do well in life, where young people do not need to migrate in search of jobs because they can't find them here.


This movement is completely independent of political affiliation and donor funding and echoes the frustrations of ordinary Nepalis. We believe in a path of non-violence and I-am-a-Nepali-first thought.  We raise our funds from the voluntary contributions of individual Nepalis.


Our current campaign ज्याला पूरा लीयौ, अब संबिधान देऊ (NO WORK, NO PAY) is in line with our efforts demanding accountability of our senior lawmakers and politicians. We are currently pressing for speedy drafting of the constitution and completion of the peace process primarily because too many of the political rulers are holding the country hostage for their individual gains.

Our activities and campaigns will evolve with time depending on the needs of our society and the political response to our demands.


This group works closely with and encourages other citizen campaigns; especially youth-led campaigns that share our objectives and values. We work to support and promote them.

मेरो देश, मेरै दायित्व (My Country, My Responsibility) is the slogan close to our hearts.

Come join the campaign. Let Nepal Unite to Build a Prosperous and Responsible Nation.

Email: nepalunites@gmail.com

Web: http://www.facebook.com/nepalunites

Mobile:send SMS: Type nepal and send to 2426 for event notifications.

Here's a video from a television program explaining what Nepal Unites is all about.
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