Nepal Unites FAQ's

1. Who are we?

What we are.

We are an informal group of concerned Nepali citizens that came together to raise our voice against the apathy and indifference shown by the political establishment, particularly our senior politicians who have time and again proven their incompetence and dishonesty. We are doing this to demand accountability of our senior politicians who must prioritize and meet people’s aspirations – peace, democracy, development, and economic growth.

What we are not.

We are not a formal organization.
We are not a political organization.
We are not an NGO.
We are not projecting ourselves as LEADERS nor have any political ambitions.

2. Our Core Values

Non-Violence-We do not endorse violence as a means to protest. All our programs are non-violent, voluntary, and strive to cause the least discomfort to general public.

Non-party Political- The group has no political leaning whatsoever but it does strongly believe in the political rights of individual citizens.

Independent- We do not get funding from any donors, I/NGO or company. The resources come from ordinary Nepalis who support us voluntarily.

Transparent-The activities of the group and the individuals involved are open to public scrutiny. We share all relevant information on web in full public knowledge.

Shared Leadership- All our decisions are collective. We believe in shared leadership.

Transformational Change: We believe we need to change ourselves too. We cannot always point our fingers and expect others to change. How about asking ourselves “Maybe we need to start doing things differently?”

3. Our Role (in relation to the current campaign)

Building public pressure on senior politicians and parliamentarians to respond to the basic needs and aspirations of the people

A. We design and implement popular campaigns so that our voice – the voice of ordinary citizens –gets heard loud and clear by the politicians.

B. We provide public space, largely social networking sites, for people to vent their frustration and opinion in a non-violent way.

C. We approach civil society members and leaders to encourage their active participation to increase the campaign’s impact.

4. Our Current Campaign

Constitution and Peace Process – timely conclusion

We understand the significance of writing a good constitution and finding ways to sustain peace in our country. We also know that these imperatives are noble and they need time to complete. But we strongly believe that the ongoing endless delays are not based on genuine needs. The politicians have failed to deliver, because of their incompetence and dishonesty. This is not acceptable. This must change and we must get out of this chaotic state. Step one is to have our constitution in place by the date stipulated by these same political parties.

If the date is extended again, our condition is that the 601 Constituent Assembly members not be paid any more. The delay is not necessarily due to lack of intent or action on the part of ordinary CA members. We understand that. Yet as leaders of their constituencies in their own rights these CA members are primarily accountable to the people, and in that vein, following globally acceptable practice of NO WORK NO PAY, they should not receive any remuneration/allowances beyond the already year-long extension that terminates on May 28, 2011. We urge them to put pressure on their own leadership to complete the last few steps of the process as soon as possible.

Peace building is an integral part of finalizing the constitution. Most of the critical steps in this direction have already been taken in last several years. The final few steps – we strongly believe – are deliberately obstructed by the senior politicians to perpetuate their grip on the state-power and financial resources. We do not accept “Peace Building” as the continued excuse for delaying the Constitution drafting process. Both these issues are interrelated and must be completed by the stipulated time. If they cannot, they need to step aside and let other more capable, dedicated, and educated Nepalis play a role.

5. Our Change Agenda beyond the Current Campaign

I: The Youth of Nepal must be given bigger and better opportunities

Nepal is a young country. The median age of Nepalis is less than 21 years. Because of strong growth in the availability of education, the youth of today are much more capable and competent. As benefactors of the communication revolution they also have a much more balanced world-view. Right from politics to other sectors, Nepali youth deserve a much better and bigger opportunity. This will help just not the youth but the entire country. We want this group to step up.

II: Bringing Economy to the forefront

The wounds of the decade-long conflict are still healing. As a country we paid a huge cost for reaching where we stand today but we also created a stronger base for an inclusive society. In this backdrop, the country has remained largely and exclusively entangled in political debates for more than a decade now.

But we must move on now. Lack of livelihood opportunities is forcing hundreds of thousands of our young population to move to foreign countries every year. The urban youth is struggling with lack of employment opportunities and low pay. Inflation is soaring and the economy is almost stagnant. This while both our neighbors, China and India are attaining double-digit economic growth year after year, and much of South Asia is growing at a phenomenal rate. Nepal is however going backwards. The electricity and fuel situation is worsening by the day. Law and Order has never been this bad. All these are further damaging our economy.

People want work – they want livelihood opportunities. The political theories do not feed them. The 21st century youth understands such philosophies very quickly- they do not need years of convincing. The citizens are growing sick and tired of listening to political philosophies while their lives are becoming more and more difficult and challenging. This must change and the politicians must be made accountable for creating JOBS, LIVELIHOOD OPPORTUNITIES –their primary job in any democratic country. Handling the economy must become one of their prime agenda and their performance must be linked with what they deliver on the economic front.

III. Denouncing and protesting against all forms of Corruption

We denounce CORRUPTION in no uncertain terms. We want to provide platform for people to protest all forms of corruption- those by the people-in-public-office, those in private sector and social sector OR a collusion of them all.

This disease is not letting the country reap any benefits of the political transition. Transformational change is the need and that requires us to change our own behavior too as citizens.

6. Our Activities and Plans

Our Activities and campaigns evolve with time depending on the needs of our society and the political response to our demands. For more on this stay tuned to our Facebook page

7. Collaboration with other groups and individuals

Nepal Unites encourages general people and leaders of the civil society members to support its campaigns, or alternatively devise and implement their own campaigns to amplify public opinion- strongly and effectively. The group is eager to work with all such individuals and groups that share the core values, campaign ideals and agenda of the group.

8. Our Structure and Functioning

A. Change Makers (Parivartak):

All our active members are change-makers (Parivartaks)

Three tiers- ‘The Facilitators’, ‘The volunteers’ and ‘The alliance’

I. The Facilitators of Parivartaks comprises of a limited number of people in order to allow for quick response time and swift decision-making.

II. The Volunteers of Parivartaks are web-based supporters (bloggers and social networking contributors) and real-world campaign supporter who organize events. They all are the champions and volunteers of the campaigns.

III. The Alliance of Parivartaks are people from different walks of life who are keen to help, and will actively engage and provide support to expand and strengthen the campaign.

B. The Role of the Core Group of Parivartaks.

1. Endorsing campaigns, tactics and activities
2. Overseeing the larger group of change maker volunteers
3. Raising and managing resources and
4. Expanding and consolidating input from the Change Makers alliance

C. The Common Campaign Ideals and Slogans and Campaign Execution:

The Core group will endorse and provide common campaign ideals/slogans/activities to the broader group of change-makers.

The functioning of the campaign will largely remain a flexible process so that quick changes in plans and tactics can be made easily.

D. The Media

The media support, conventional as well as on-line, is critical for the success of the campaign. The members of the Media are encouraged to talk to the parivartaks andcover their opinions extensively. Parivartaks will proactively write articles in conventional media and on blog-sites.

E. Celebrity Engagement

Nepal Unites will urge popular celebrities of Nepal to join the campaign and to lend their voice.

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